Massimo Marengo

Current Address:

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Iowa State University

A313E Zaffarano, Ames, IA 50011

tel: +1-515-294-2958

fax: +1-515-294-5441

After 12 years spent at CfA, I moved at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Iowa State University. I am an observational astrophysicist. My my research interests are the study of evolved stars (in particular Cepheids, Giants and Supergiants) and the interactions between their dusty stellar winds and the interstellar medium. I am also interested in the study of young planetary systems, where planets interact with the rocky leftovers of stellar formation. While these studies are based on observations and models aimed to understand these phenomena as they appear at all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, I specialize in Infrared (thermal) astronomy. My observations are obtained from large aperture ground-based telescopes and space observatories like the Spitzer Space Telescope, the Hubble Telescope and the Herschel Space Telescope.

Spitzer/IRAC image of outflows in the star forming region DR-21 (Smith, Hora, Marengo & Pipher, 2006)

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Ph.D. Dissertation (2000)

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