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The IRAC Extragalactic Journal Club meets informally throughout the year to discuss recent articles and issues pertaining to extragalactic infrared astronomy. The emphasis is particularly on topics that are relevant to the science programs being carried out by the IRAC science team here at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Meetings are usually held in the ISC on the 2nd floor of 160 Concord Ave. To receive Journal Club announcements, send an e-mail to Matthew Ashby.

Our next meeting will take place at 12 pm Monday, December 13. Francesco Massaro will lead the discussion.

Date Presented byTitleLinks
October 19 M. Ashby Cosmic Infrared Background Fluctuations in Deep Spitzer IRAC Images:
Data Processing and Analysis
by Arendt et al, 2009, submitted to the ApJS
January 11 Jia-Sheng Huang A Significant Population of Very Luminous Dust-Obscured Galaxies at Redshift z~2,
by Dey et al, 2008
DOGs at z=2
January 25 J. Hora Spitzer Deep and Wide Legacy Mid- and Far-Infrared Number Counts and Lower Limits of Cosmic Infrared Background,
by Bethermin, Dole, Beelen, and Aussel
February 8 Stijn Wuyts The Growth of Massive Galaxies Since z=2,
by van Dokkum et al, 2010
February 22 Kai Noeske A Hubble Space Telescope NICMOS and ACS Morphological Study of z~2 Submillimetre Galaxies,
by Swinbank et al, 2010
March 1 Zhong Wang Less than 10 percent of star formation in z=0.6 massive galaxies is triggered by major interactions,
by Robaina et al
published ApJ article
astro-ph/0907.3728 preprint
March 22 Howard Smith Porous silicate dust emission and the unusual SEDs of some LINERS and AGN ...
April 5 Mark Brodwin Galaxy Clusters as Revealed by the SPT Vanderlinde et al: astro-ph/1003.0003
High et al: astro-ph/1003.0005
May 10 Aeree Chung The Redshift Search Receiver
for the Large Millimeter Telescope
The Large Millimeter Telescope
The Redshift Search Receiver
June 7 Stijn Wuyts Highlights of the Ringberg workshop:
Galaxies in the Distant Universe: Dynamics, Gas, and Early Evolution
Ringberg 2010 Conference
August 2 Vivian U A Multiwavelength Study of a Sample of 70 micron Selected Galaxies in the COSMOS Field.
I. Spectral Energy Distributions and Luminosities,
by Kartaltepe et al 2010
November 1 Lauranne Lanz Constraining the Outburst Properties of the SMBH in Fornax A
Through X-ray, Infrared, and Radio Observations
Lanz et al 2010
December 13 Francesco Massaro The use of Spitzer for understanding the physics of radio galaxies and quasars
A proposal post-mortem and ideas session

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