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TIME Magazine Articles about Avi Loeb's Research (in reverse chronological order):

*"You heard about shooting stars, but this is ridiculous" (December 2014)

*"Pollution on other worlds may show advanced alien life" (July 2014)

*"Could primordial black holes be the dark matter?" (September 2013)

*"Einstein's planet" (June 2013) -- confirming Loeb & Gaudi's (2003) method for detecting planets

*"Habitable planets around white dwarfs" (February 2013)

*"The 25 Most Influential People in Space" by TIME Magazine. (December 2012)

*"Cosmic Dawn" (December 2012)

*"Hypervelocity planets" (March 2012)

*"Black hole of 21 billion suns" (December 2011)

*"Artificial lights could reveal alien civilizations" (November 2011)

*"A Quasar from the dawn of time" (June 2011)

*Cover Story: "Let there be light" (September 2006)


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