From time to time, Scott contributes to popular media accounts of stellar astronomy and planet formation. Here are a few items currently available online.


Dust as a Solar Shield     Washington Post (February 2023)

Formation of debris     NASA Center for Climate Simulation (April 2022)

Mars is so small because Jupiter shook up its formation     New Scientist (April 2017)

On the Hunt for Planet Nine     Boston Globe (May 2016)

Are There More Big Planets Out There?     Air & Space (July 2015)

Pluto Leads the Way in Planet Formation     Nature (June 2015)

Planet X     All Things Considered (Feb 2015)

New Horizons search for new moons around Pluto     Boston Globe (Dec 2014)

Pluto's undiscovered satellites     Christian Science Monitor (Mar 2013)

Multiple planets prevent migration (Jun 2011)

Sedna as the closest exoplanet     redOrbit (Dec 2004)

Planet formation and dust bunnies (Oct 2004)

Bright dust rings highlight Earth-like planets     New Scientist (Sep 2002)