Some of Scott's scientific contributions, with links to papers and co-authors:

1985: Developed a robust accretion disk model for FU Ori variables

1986: Symbiotic Stars, lays out the theory and observations for these binaries

1987: Developed the flared-disk model for T Tauri stars

1990: Identified the Luminosity Problem in protostars and proposed likely resolution

1995: Detailed investigation of stellar evolution in the Taurus-Auriga molecular cloud

1999: Developed comprehensive numerical models for the formation of Kuiper belt objects

2002: Identified debris disks as signposts of planet formation

2005: Discovery of the first hypervelocity star

2006: First complete simulation of the formation of the Earth from km-sized planetesimals

2008: Contructed detailed models for the long-term evolution of debris disks

2011: First models of gas giant planet formation with pebble accretion

2014: Predicted additional small satellites orbiting the Pluto-Charon double planet

2017: Explored models for infrared excesses in polluted white dwarf stars

2023: Developed model to use moondust as a sun shield

Photo credit: Jeff Dunas