Rafael Martinez-Galarza


I am a staff astrophysicist at the Chandra X-Ray Science Center and the deputy end-to-end scientist for NASA's Chandra Space Observatory Data System. I am based at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My research interests include star formation in galaxies and the evolution of the star formation history in cosmic time. In particular, I am interested in the physcial characterization of the Main Sequence of star-forming galaxies from the study of the internal conditions of the ISM. I use multi-wavelength photometry and mid-infrared spectroscopy in combination with Bayesian techniques and SED fitting to link global-properties of starbursts, such as their star formation rates, with the internal physics of their star-forming regions. Future observations with JWST and other infrared observatories will greatly benefit from these techniques. I am also interested in time domain astronomy, and I am part of the LSST TVS science collaboration, where I work on machine-learning algorithms for light curve classification. I am also interested in infrared astronomical instrumentation, scientific outreach and education. I got my PhD in 2012 at the Leiden Observatory.

In this page you will find some information about my research, as well as some other interesting topics. Feel free to contact me with questions and/or suggestions for projects any time.

You can find my CV here, and a list of my publications here

Here is a presentation I gave in the Spring of 2017 at ICTS in Bangalore about light curve classification with supervised learning.


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