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Astronomical Research

My active research is in several areas, including star formation, IR observations of near-earth objects, and near- and mid-infrared observations of planetary nebulae.

Click on images below for examples of results:

2005/02/11: IRAC image of the Ring Nebula, NGC 6720 2005/11/09: IRAC images of the W5 region near AFGL 4029 2006/08/14: Spitzer/IRAC image of the Orion molecular cloud 2006/08/31: Spitzer images the Large Magellanic Cloud
2006/09/08: Spitzer/IRAC image of Star Formation in Cepheus 2007/08/24:Spitzer Celebrates Fourth Anniversary with Celestial Fireworks 2008/08/22: Spitzer Reveals Stellar 'Family Tree' 2009/03/12 - 'Cat's Eye' Planetary nebula observed with IRAC
2009/08/05: Cygnus Star Forming Region DR22 2010/09/02: Spitzer Finds a Flavorful Mix of Asteroids 2011-08-10: Weighing in on the Dumbbell Nebula 2012-01-10: Before They Were Stars: New Image Shows Space Nursery
2012-07-02: A Planetary Nebula Pair 2013-10-28: The Exposed Cranium Nebula 2013-09-10: Asteroid Don Quixote
2013-09-10: Asteroid Don Quixote  06.19.14:  I Spy a Little Asteroid With My Infrared Eye 2016-07-21: The Galactic Center black hole 2017-08-21: The Great American Eclipse
2018-11-14: 'Oumuamu 2018-08-03: Gravitational Wave Source 2019-02-22: Galactic Center Comet SL/9 Crash into Jupiter
20191031: Jack=o'-lantern Nebula The Snake IRDC

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