Huiqun (Helen) Wang

Research Physicist - Center For Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian


Ph.D. - Planetary Sciences - California Institute of Technology, 2004.

minor - Applied and Computational Mathematics - California Institute of Technology, 2004.

B.S. - Atmospheric Sciences - University of Science and Technology of China 1997.

Research Areas:

Planetary Atmospheres, Remote Sensing, Air Quality

Data Analysis, Numerical Simulations, Image Processing

  • Harvard Dataverse Archive of MGS/MOC MDGMs V1.0

  • Harvard Dataverse Archive of MRO/MARCI MDGMs V1.0

  • PDS Imaging Node ASTROPEDIA Archive of MRO/MARCI MDGMs V2.0

  • Harvard Dataverse Replication Data for MRO MARCI MDGMs V2.0

  • Harvard Dataverse Mars Dust Activity Database (MDAD)

  • Harvard Dataverse Cloud Masks derived from Mars Daily Global Maps for MRO

  • Harvard Dataverse Mars Dust Storm Sequence Dataset (MDSSD)

  • Publications:
  • Hall K., Wang, H., Souri, A. H., Liu, X., Chance, K., 2024. Ozone anomalies in dry intrusions associated with atmospheric rivers. J. Geophys. Res.- Atmospheres, 129, 4,

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    Interview of Daniel Jacob about this paper on Environmental Research Web.

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