Distant Artificial Satellites Observation (DASO) circular

The Distant Artificial Satellites Observation (DASO) are a series of circulars designed to disseminate, in a referenceable fashion, observations of man-made objects that may (or have been) mistaken for natural objects.

Submitting Observations

Astrometric observations, in the standard format should be submitted via the normal channel. Designations or names of satellites should begin in column 1 and extend no further than column 12. The subject of the message should be "ART SAT" and the message should contain no observations of natural objects.

Circulars and Associated Observation Files

Here are links to recent DASO circulars and their associated observation batches (the date [in YYYY/MM/DD format] and time [in HH:MM format] in parentheses on each line indicates when that circular was issued):

Older circulars are available here.

Combined Observation File

The file containing all astrometry published in the DASO is available here.

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