Giovanni G. Fazio

Current Positions

Senior Physicist, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

Lecturer, Department of Astronomy, Harvard University

Faculty Emeritus, International Space University, Strasbourg, France

Contact Information

Dr. Giovanni G. Fazio
Senior Physicist
Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
60 Garden St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Office: M-233
Office phone: 617-495-7458
Office fax: 617-495-7490

Short Vita (pdf)
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


The magnificent spiral arms of the nearby galaxy Messier 81 are highlighted in this NASA Spitzer Space Telescope image. Located in the northern constellation of Ursa Major (which also includes the Big Dipper), this galaxy is easily visible through binoculars or a small telescope. M81 is located at a distance of 12 million light-years.


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