Instruments for Magellan

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Magellan Instruments Now Available
  • Baade/Clay Telescope Instruments Website

  • MIKE: Efficient dual beam echelle spectrograph (R~20,000), fiber feed option. SPIE Paper (2002)   SPIE Slides (2002)
  • Magellan Instruments (Underway)
  • IMACS Versatile wide-field multiobject spectrograph.

  • ESM High throughput echellette spectrograph.

  • Magellan f/5 system: duplicate of the MMT's secondary and wide field corrector. Initial complement of instruments will include shared use with the MMT of Megacam and MMIRS

  • 4-Star IR Imager - will contain four 2K by 2K Hawaii-2RG arrays. Imaging scale will be about 0.15 arcsec/pixel. Contact Eric Persson for details.
  • Magellan Instruments (Proposed)
  • Adaptive Optics System - contact George Rieke/Paul Schechter. Plans include an adaptive secondary based on the MMT's. This will be a natural guide star system emphasizing modest Strehl over as wide as possible a field.

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