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Ok, so nobody's perfect!
I've tried to acknowledge below those ever-vigilant readers who've pointed out errors; look for this type size.
Errata (for papers I have published)
Radiative charge transfer between the helium ion and argon,, ApJ. 860, 151 (2018)
On p. 4, first column, line 8: ζ=10-9

State resolved data for radiative association of H and H+ and for photodissociation of H2+, ApJS. 216, 21 (2015); 237, 20 (2018)
The numerical pre-factor in Eq. (9) should read:
7.80×10-26. The corrected expression is in agreement with Stancil, Babb, and Dalgarno, ApJ 414, 672 (1993), Eq. (6).

A tip of the hat to Mark Zammit for pointing this error out.

An overview of microscopic Casimir forces, J. F. Babb, Comm. At. Mol. Phys. vol. 1 (2000), part D, pp. 191-199.

Title as printed: replace "force" with "forces"
p. 192, Eq. (3): in the numerator, replace one "A" with "B"
p. 193, Eq. (8): should read αA (ω) EB → A(ω,R) Eb(ω)
p. 197, 10th line from bottom: replace "present" with "presents"

Long range interactions of sodium atoms, P. Kharchenko, J. F. Babb, and A. Dalgarno, Phys. Rev. A, vol. 55 (1997), pp. 3566-3572.

p. 3569, table II: Some of the exponents given are wrong, corrected values are given below. ("o.k." denotes that the published value is correct):
R/a0F6 F3

A tip of the hat to Robin Côté for pointing this error out.

Effective oscillator strengths and transition energies for the hydrogen molecular ion, James F. Babb, Molec. Phys., vol. 81 (1994), pp. 17-29

p. 17, eq.(3): The subscript "1" on the LHS should read "i"

p. 22, eq.(20): Interchange the subscripts "1" and "i" on the RHS.

p. 22, eq.(22): Interchange the subscripts "1" and "i" on the RHS.

p. 27, table 9: The first line of the table should read
H2+H2+ 1.40520 0.60380 0.60380 0.27625 3.2836 Present,

A tip of the hat to Valerio Magnasco and Massimo Ottonelli, Chem. Phys. Letters, vol. 259 (1996) pp. 307-312.

p. 28, Ref.[28]: "Bokowski" should read "Bukowski"


Continuum absorption of vibrationally excited O2 from 200-320 nm, J. F. Babb, Y. Sun, M. J. Jamieson, A. Dalgarno, and A. C. Allison, J. Quant. Spect. Rad. Transfer, vol. 50 (1993), pp. 579-583; Correction, ibid., vol. 51 (1994) p. 787.

1994-1987 An earlier errata.
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