EPIC 245966825

Corrected light curve (excluding points taken during thruster fires).
Raw and corrected light curve, multiple apertures (including points taken during thruster fires), plus diagnostics (including ''Thrusters On'' flag).
All files for this object including light curves, diagnostics, and .png images.

Light Curve Plot

Arclength Plot

Sky Position Plot

Image Plot

Background Flux Plot

In the image plot, the region outlined in red is the 'best', default photometric aperture, and the green dot is the position of the target according to the astrometry information in the Kepler target pixel file. The image itself is the coadded image from all K2 observations after the spacecraft attained fine guiding control.

In the arclength plot, 'arclength' is our way of parametrizing the position of the star on the detector in one dimension. The arclength plot essentially shows the dependence of flux on position
and how successful our technique is at removing it. If the black points form a tight relation and the orange dots fit through it well, then the correction is likely of high quality.