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3D PDF in Scientific Publishing

This page has been created, as a repository for links to a variety of descriptions of the technology used in the paper: A role for self-gravity at multiple length scales in the process of star formation, by Alyssa A. Goodman, Erik W. Rosolowsky, Michelle A. Borkin, Jonathan B. Foster, Michael Halle, Jens Kauffmann & Jaime E. Pineda, which appeared in Nature on January 1, 2009 (Vol 457, doi:10.1038/nature07609).


A 2-minute demonstration of how the 3D PDF works, using the Nature Letter figure as an example. The Quicktime version (30 MB) is recommended.

A 6-minute description of the motivation for the "Astronomical Medicine" project, within the context of the mission of the Initiative in Innovative Computing at Harvard.  Additional movies and animations from the A-M project are also online here.

Downloads available

Link to Full Nature Paper

Nature Views and News - nv

Harvard Press Release

New visualization techniques yield star formation insights

CfA Press Release

New visualization techniques yield star formation insights

Free Acrobat Reader, and Acrobat

Downloads current versions from Adobe


Seeing Stars Perseus in 3-D, Harvard Magazine, May-June, 2009.

Gravity's Growing Role in the 'Starry Night', The Christian Science Monitor, January 2, 2009.

Nature Publishes PDF With 3D Interactive Images, Information Today, Inc., January 5, 2009

New Visualization Techniques Yield Star Formation Insights, Space Daily, January 5, 2009

Nature moves into 3D publishing, The Register, UK, January 6, 2009

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