This site was created from a list of URL's assembled in October of 1997 by the students in Alyssa Goodman's section of Astronomy 97, the Introductory Tutorial in Astronomy at Harvard University.

The Birth of Stars

"Where'd All These Stars Come From" (A Cosmic Whodunnit)

Star Formation: Outflows & Jets

Giant Star-Formation Region NGC604 in the Galaxy M33 (HST Image & Text)

"Cycles of Matter" in Galaxies (Illustration & Text)

Simulations of Starburst Driven Winds (Illustrations & Text)

Al Wooten's Homepage (includes links to relevant telescopes)

Alyssa Goodman's Homepage

Montreal Star Formation Group

Arecibo Observatory Homepage

Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) Homepage

ISO Interstellar Medium Image Gallery

The Ionization of the Local Interstellar Medium

Papers on HI in the Local Universe

An Essay on Star Formation and Nemesis

Information on Supernova Remnants

Images of Nebulae


Catalog of HH Objects

Star-Formation Newsletter

Course Notes On-Line Related to the ISM and Star-Formation

Astronomy 208, The Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Harvard University (Graduate Level)

University of Pennsylvania (Undergraduate Level)

University of Oregon (Undergraduate Level)

Stages in the Life of a Star (Glossary-like descriptions)

Dispersion & Scintillation by the ISM (as perpetrated on pulsar emission; Graduate Level)