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Postdoctoral Research Positions


Antarctic Submillimeter Astronomy

The Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO) project invites applications from individuals interested in serving as Winterover Scientists at the United States National Science Foundation Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. One position is available immediately, with the time until Nov. 2003 spent in Cambridge preparing for the winterover year. The incumbent will spend the year 2004 as one of two AST/RO scientists-in-residence at South Pole (part of a crew of ~50), with responsibility for all winterover operations of this state-of-the-art submm-wave telescope. The position is renewable for a year following the winterover year, with residence in Cambridge.

Contingent on availability of funding, two additional positions are available starting Sept. 2003, for winterover in 2005. During Austral summer 2003-2004, the successful candidates will spend 1-3 months at the South Pole to operate the instrument, assist with system upgrades, and conduct research. After another 9-month period in Cambridge, the incumbents will spend the year 2005 at the observatory at South Pole. The positions may be renewable for a year following the winterover year, with residence in Cambridge.

AST/RO is currently outfitted with heterodyne receivers at 230, 460-492, and 800-820 GHz, allowing observations of the submillimeter lines of CI and the J=7-6, 4-3, and 2-1 rotational lines of CO. A newly-installed heterodyne HEB receiver for Terahertz frequencies will focus on observations of the CO J=11-10 line at 1.27 THz and the ubiquitous 1.46 THz line of N+ first noted by COBE. AST/RO is the first submillimeter telescope to exploit the uniquely transparent sky over the Antarctic plateau in winter and is open to the astronomical community on a proposal basis. These positions provide a unique opportunity for both personal and collaborative research projects which can be conducted nowhere else. More information about the AST/RO project can be found at our Web site.

A Ph.D. or equivalent technical experience is required. A good general understanding of astronomical instrumentation and familiarity with computer operations and software, cryogenics, and electronics are desirable. Ability to work independently is critical. Applications, including a statement of research interests and relevant experience, curriculum vitae, publication list, and three letters of reference, should be sent to: Dr. Adair P. Lane, SAO, 60 Garden Street, MS-12, Cambridge, MA 02138. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled.

Posted May 15, 2003