Mr. Ron Koger xxxxx

Dear Mr. Koger,

Enclosed please find the report Science Requirements for South Pole Station Computing and Communications. This report was prepared by the Communications and Computing Subcommittee (CCS) under charge by the South Pole Users' Committee (SPUC).

The Users' Committee accepts this report and wishes to emphasize certain recommendations made therein that were amplified at ASA's April 27 Communications and Computing meeting at NSF.

¥ Communications - more bandwidth, connection time, and accessibility

¥ Communications Development Strategy - take quick action when new satellite opportunities present themselves; the scientific community is more than willing to accept the risks inherent with this strategy.

¥ Networking - many users are providing their own computers but need a transparent connection to a high speed, efficient network, both local and global; priority should be given to communication and networking over the purchase of computers.

We hope the submission of this document is the beginning of a continuing dialog in the process of implementing these recommendations.

The South Pole Users' Committee would like to thank ASA for its generous support of this committee.

Robert M. Morse, for the Committee