Imagine yourself in your local TV store in front of a wall of TV's.

Let's say the average TV (monitor) is 500x500 pixels. Now, stack 4 rows of 8 TVs: that's 32 TVs which is the display size you need to display 1 entire image from 1 of our CCD chips. The Mosaic Camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope has 12 chips.

For 12 chips, you need to take your set of 4x8 TVs, place 6 of these sets side by side, and place another 6 sets more on top of them. That's 384 TV monitors.

384 TVs = 1 entire exposure from our CCD camera.

In 1 night we take 42 exposures.... that's 8064 TVs worth of pixels.

We need to search 16128 TVs worth of data to find the handful of supernovae.

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