Hello, my name is Brian Schmidt and this is my attempt to explain supernovae, and how we use them to measure the Universe. I am an astronomer at the Australian National Universities' Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. We are located at Mount Stromlo Observatory, just outside of the Australian National Capitol, Canberra. The observatory has telescopes at two sites, one at Mount Stromlo, and the other near Coonabarabran. I highly recommend coming for a short visit to see the sights if you are in the area.

The work described here is not just my work, but the collective effort of more than 20 people from around the globe with whom I work on the High-Z SN search. As the group's leader, I tend to get more than my fair share of the credit, but a project like this really represents the blood and sweat of many people. So if you are interested, have a browse, and learn about the most powerful explosions in the Cosmos, and the ultimate fate of the Universe.

The Expanding Universe