Press Releases and Stories

Discovery of Accelerating Universe named "Top Research Advance" of 1998 by Science

Science magazine list of top ten breakthroughs of 1998

ABC News story, Dec 17, 1998

UC Berkeley press release, Dec 17, 1998.

University of Washington press release, Dec 17, 1998.

Accelerating Universe

The Washington Post. Feb. 27, 1998

ABC News Feb. 27, 1998

Reuters, Feb. 27, 1998

Science news summary on uses for supernovae, May 1998.

Science article on "antigravity force" pumping up the cosmos, Feb. 1998.

Ever Expanding Universe

Hubble Pinpoints Distant Supernovae, January 2, 1998 --- NASA/AAS Press Release with photos

"Answer: With a whimper. Question: How does the universe end?" ABC NEWS

CfA Press Release, January 1998.

Additional coverage of High-z adventures.

Adventures in Antigravity - Time Magazine August 7, 2000

CFHT Harvests Distant Supernova - and sets a record CFHT Bulletin 41, page 8

"Runaway Universe" a NOVA program premiering on PBS, November 21st, 9pm (check your local listings for details).