SSP: Internal Proposal Process
 1. At 30 Calendar Days: Heads-up
  • Full title and short title, the latter not exceeding 56 characters including spaces
  • AO reference/Sponsor/Program
  • Due date
  • Rough budget estimate or upper limit
  • Duration / # of years
  • Preferred budget start date
  • For NASA proposals, if you submit a step 1, Elizabeth Shepard and the Department of Contracts and Grants are in charge of the submission in NSPIRES. You can submit NOI's anytime without intervention but you will need to provide Elizabeth with a PDF of the submission.

2. At Two Calendar Weeks:
  • Budget, budget justification, facilities and equipment, near final
3. At 8 Days:
  • Proposal must be ready to submit to sponsor's website and PeopleSoft workflow including the following components:
    • Final budget narrative and details
    • Final facilities and equipment
    • All CVs, CPs, and letters of commitment or electronic commitments
    • Draft Science
4. At 2 Days:
  • Final Science upload to NSPIRES or FASTLANE or other portals.
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