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Misconceptions-Oriented Standards-Based Assessment Resources for Teachers


Project MOSART was funded by the National Science Foundation primarily to provide no-cost assessment support to NSF-funded Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Institutes via test instruments for administration to teacher participants and to their students. Work began in 2004 with the original MOSART award and continues with MOSART II.

The MOSART team developed, field-tested, analyzed, and profiled items for the grades K–12 physical science content standards and the grades K–12 earth science content standards, including a separate set of tests for K–12 astronomy and space science. Under a separate NSF-funded project, MOSART-Life Science (MOSART-LS), items for the K–8 life science content standards were also developed.


  • Philip M. Sadler, Principal Investigator
  • Harold P. Coyle, Project Manager
  • Nancy Cook-Smith, Project Psychometrician
  • Jaimie L. Miller, Testing Coordinator
  • John Murray, Online Test Associate
  • Annette Trenga Rumpf, Research Assistant




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  • Kelly Cramer
  • Shira Fruchtman
  • Aladdin Ibrahim
  • Michelle Kennedy

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  • Steven Allardi
  • Clive Grainger
  • Alex Griswold
  • Molly Wasser