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MOSART Self Service Site

Misconceptions-Oriented Standards-Based Assessment Resources for Teachers

About the MOSART Project

This web site was developed to make MOSART's assessment instruments available to individuals involved in science education. The tests are free and can be accessed after completion of four online tutorials that explain test design, use, scoring, and interpretation of results.

Each MOSART assessment instrument comprises a set of multiple-choice items that are linked to the K–12 physical science and earth science content, and K–8 life science content in the NRC National Science Education Standards, as well as to the research literature documenting misconceptions concerning science concepts. (Mathematics does not fall within MOSART's scope.)

MOSART tests probe for any conceptual shift(s) as a result of professional development activities, course work, or other intervention. MOSART also supports administration of its tests by an MSP Institute to students to probe for any effects on the conceptual state of students whose teachers participated in that MSP Institute.

The MOSART team developed, field-tested, analyzed, and profiled items for the grades K–12 physical science content standards and the grades K–12 earth science content standards, including a separate set of tests for K–12 astronomy and space science. Under a separate NSF-funded project, MOSART-Life Science (MOSART-LS), items for the K–8 life science content standards were also developed. (We have received NSF funding to develop items and tests for grades 9-12 life science. We plan to have the tests on this site by the end of 2015. We will post a more exact date when possible.) This site provides parallel versions of the full range of tests that we used to directly support NSF MSPs when MOSART was funded as an MSP RETA.







The acronym MOSART stands for:





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Misconceptions-Oriented: The project recognizes that non-experts in a given science domain are not "blank slates," but rather have their own theories.

Standards-based: The National Research Council (NRC) National Science Education Standards comprise a unifying thread among all MOSART items and tests.

Assessment Resources for Teachers: The project provides educators with multiple-choice tests that can be used to assess their students' understanding of science concepts. Pre-service and in-service teacher development programs may also find these tests useful to assess the subject matter knowledge (SMK) of their participants and the effects of efforts to enhance SMK.