Science Media Group Digital Video Library

A collection of video programs produced by the Science Media Group, 1989-2013

Listed in reverse chronological order.

Copyright © Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, unless otherwise noted.


Arts and Industries Building - Smithsonian Innovations (2013)

Innovations in X-ray Telescopes

Renovating the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building

eMammal Citizen Science Project

Jazz Innovation (Featuring the Lena Seikaly Quartet)

"Places of Invention" Exhibition

How Patents Spark Invention: The U.S. Patent Office


Fred Whipple Observatory (2013)

Orientation Video


Giant Magellan Telescope (2013)

Building the GMT Mirrors


Encyclopedia of Life (2012)

2012 EOL Rubenstein Fellows profiles

EOL Fellow: Breda Zimkus

EOL Fellow: John Sullivan

EOL Fellow: Melissa Frey


Virtual Learning Magnet (2012)

Forces of Flight with NASM curator of aerodynamics, John Anderson. A pilot for an on-line curriculum initiative for high school students, exploring physics principles through NASM collections.

DC-3 vs the Ford Trimotor

Drag: The Space Shuttle

Lift: The Wright Brothers Flyer


Vanished (2011)

Smithsonian paleoecologist, Conrad Labandeira, collecting fossils in South Africa to uncover causes for the Permian-Triassic extinction event, sometimes called "The Great Dying," 252 million years ago. In collaboration with Rose Prevec, paleobiologist at the Albany Museum in South Africa, the scientists are trying to piece together the food web in the period leading up to and just after the mass extinction to better understand conditions related to climate change today.

Clues to the End Permian Extinction


OCIO (2011)

Overview video

Smithsonian Office of the Chief Information Officer


Welcome to the Smithsonian (2011)

Student and Teacher Orientation Videos


Lighthouse of the Sky (2011)

Orientation Video: Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


National Air and Space Museum Physics Demos (2011)

Explainers from the "How Things Fly Gallery" explain their favorite physics principles.


Air Pressure / Magdeburg Hemispheres

Gravity and Air

Speed of Sound Whip

Lift with a Hot Air Balloon

Propeller Thrust

Airfoils and Lift

Drag and Streamlining


Shout (2010)

DIY Oral History


Center for Tropical Forest Science (2010)



HSBC Climate Partnership

Voices of the Forest - Papua New Guinea


Astronomical Medicine (2008)

Using Medical Imaging Software for Radio Astronomy


Dark Matter (2008)

Simulation of a Galaxy Cluster Showing the Influence of Dark Matter


Eric Mazur (2005)

Lecture on Science Education


Harvard-Smithsonian Digital Video Library (2004)



POVMe (2004)

Teen Bike Racers


Science in Focus

Shedding Light on Science (1999)

Copyright © Annenberg Foundation. Used by permission:

Force and Motion (2001)

Energy (2002)


Private Universe Project in Mathematics (2000)

Link to workshops and Surprises in Mind documentary.


Looking at Learning...Again, Part 1 (1999)



Looking at Learning...Again, Part 2 (2000)



TEAMS-BC Teacher Education Addressing
Math and Science in Boston and Cambridge (1999)

Four Courses-One Goal-New Approaches to Pre-Service Teacher Education

Mathematics with a Human Face-Using Peer Tutors to Enhance an Undergraduate Mathematics Course

Site-Based Courses For Pre-Service Teachers

The Student Teaching Experience


Principles for Principals (1998)



Math Science Workshops

The Science of Teaching Science (1995)

The Next Move: Steps Toward Change in Elementary Math and Science (1998)

Assessment in Math and Science (1998)

Mathematics: What's the Big Idea? (2000)


Minds of Our Own - Public Television Series (1997)



Case Studies in Science Education (1997)



Annie Jump Cannon (1992)

Annie and the Stars of Many Colors


Project STAR: Teacher-to-Teacher Series (1992)



Sun, Moon, Stars (1992)

An Interactive Exploration of the Day and Night Time Sky

Experimental video home-work assignment for high school astronomy students. Time-lapse sequences show the sky at different latitudes and times of the year. Music by Mark Steven Brooks.

Sun, Moon, Stars


A Private Universe (1989, 1992)

Original 18 minute video

Workshop Series


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