MIRIAD Software for SMA
Miriad is a radio interferometry data reduction package. Miriad can be configured for the specifications required by the Submillimeter Array (SMA). Specific codes for handling the SMA data have been developed and are supported. Miriad now can be used for the reduction of continuum and spectral line observations from loading of the SMA data packed in Caltech's MIR format through to the image analysis.

The SMA features have particular emphasis on aspects of interest to users of the SMA. We support the off-line software including software tools used for calibration and analysis of the SMA data observed at submillimeter wavelengths. The newly developed codes are (will be) placed under Miriad CVS system which is managed by the BIMA group.

Questions: smamiriad@cfa.harvard.edu

Three Major Milestones of SMA Miriad _______________________________
         1beyond 2014-11-15  2prior to 2014-11-15  3prior to 2009-11-30

Miriad for Other Telescopes: