Welcome to SMA Miriad website!  This introduction is designed to help you get started using the SMA Miriad Software1.  You can obtain copies of the software here!    Also available is a report on the status of SMA MIRIAD..
1This page was used for 4GHz operation.

Steps for Getting Help
  • Building Your Own e2e C-shell Script:
  • To obtain help in developing your script email the following information to
    • File information on the raw SMA science track dataset (e.g. 070930_04:24:39) from users project or from SMA Data Achives.
    • The source name and track frequency of a primary spectral line that you want to use, e.g.,
    • Target source: MyObject
    • Primary line: HCN(4-3) 354.5055 GHz
  • Supported Operating Systems
There is a 'Question and Answer' section you can access to help you resolve installation issues. A 'Bug Report' page is also available. All our welcome to attend our monthly Users Meetings at the CfA.