Miriad to Gildas Conversion between Miriad and Gildas
1. Miriad to Gildas
For converting Miriad visibility data (arp220co.uv) to Gildas, one can convert Miriad data into FITS with either gildas or fits. For spectral line data, one might consider to resample the visibility data to the radio (optical) velocity space at equal increments:
For gildas,
gildas in=arp220co.uv.tsys.vel out=ARP220UV.FITS \
       linename='CO2-1' options=aips
For fits,
fits in=arp220co.uv.tsys.vel out=ARP220UV.FITS op=uvout
The output FITS uv data (ARP220UV.FITS) from Miriad can be fully understood by the latest version of Gildas.
Further discussion on interoperating Gildas and Miriad was made by Pety etal (2003).

Created: 2007-Mar-01
Updated: 2008-Jun-17