Listed below is the SMA Miriad Release (Beta Released Versions), which includes the latest version of the standard Miriad (updated from BIMA CVS) and the patches for handling SMA doubleband (4GHz x 2sb) data produced from ASIC correlator, along with Installation Notes and README files.  The standard Miriad version for SMA data reduction (2GHz x 2sb) has been fully tested and any comments should be submitted to

We encourage you to submit any bugs that you encounter and/or suggestions that you have for improving the processing of SMA doubleband data. Your input can be submitted via the SMA Bug Report & Suggestion Form . The Bug Report & Suggestion Form also provides an area where you can submit your modified code for SMA data reduction. We will assist you in integrating your changes into the next release.

Your contributions will help us improve the integrity of the SMA Miriad software. All changes made to the SMA components will be eventually checked in to the Miriad CVS system.
MIRIAD Software Releases:
SMA 4GHz & 2GHz modes   README
Binary Installation -
  • 1.5.1 (2015 Binary RH 6)
  • Binary Installation Notes (Redhat&CentOS)

    Test and Support:
         To be added to the Bug Report Distribution list contact