Black Hole Explorer
What evidence do we have to understand Einstein’s predictions
about the strange creatures known as ‘black holes’? Expect the
unexpected in this board game and learn how black holes affect
the space and time around them. Recommended for ages 10
and up. Includes recommendations and materials for playing
in large groups.

Black Hole Explorer Game PDF's

gameboard (11x17)

gameboard (22x17)
(requires large format printer)

2 page gameboard (22x17)
(requires tabloid printer)

BH Rules

BH Ship


Briefing Room

Energy Counters

Probe cards (front)

Probe cards (back)

Event cards (front)

Event cards (back)

Probe cards (basic)

Group Setting Files

Group setting rules (PDF)

Standard Ships (PDF)

Extreme Ships (PDF)

Group Probe result cards
(can be modified depending on audience)


Group Probe results
(presentation without animations)

Group Probe results (Mac)
(presentation with animations - 16.7 mb compressed file)

Group Probe results (PC)
(presentation with animations - 16.5 mb compressed file)