Science Education Department (SED)

Spectroscopy: A Universal Analytic Method is a collection of classroom activities and demonstrations spanning many scientific disciplines, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics, and physical science. The collection also includes a highly colorful and graphical software component, called Virtual Spectroscope, that helps students make the connection between visual spectra and abstract, graphical representations. Examples of activities include separating and recombining light, using spectrometers to analyze light sources, and growing plants under different light conditions.

The Spectroscopy activity booklet is available from Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories under the title Light, Color and Spectroscopy for Every Classroom.

Virtual Spectroscope graphical software is available for purchase from Physics Academic Software. Check out a mini version of the Virtual Spectroscope.

Grade levels: 6-12

For more information, please contact: Science Kit Boreal, 1-800-828-7777

Spectroscopy software and activity booklet were developed under a grant from the National Science Foundation.


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