Science Education Department (SED)

MicroObservatory is a network of automated, CCD-based reflecting telescopes that can be accessed over the Internet by teachers and students in the classroom.

Five telescopes cover a wide geography, from cambridge, Massachusetts to Mt. Hopkins, Arizona. Users of MicroObservatory are responsible for taking their own images by pointing and focusing the telescopes and selecting exposure times, filters, and other parameters. They may select a target from a list or enter its coordinates. The educational value lies not just in the image returned by the telescope, but in the satisfaction and practical understanding that comes from mastering a powerful scientific tool. Observations can be set up in advance and run automatically.

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A nationwide consortium of educators helped develop classroom activities that challenge students to explore the sky with MicroObservatory. From the Ground UP! investigations are designed to enhance existing curricula in high school science classrooms.

Grade levels: All

For more information, please contact: Mary Dussault, mdussault@cfa (add, 617-496-7962


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