Science Education Department (SED)
 From the Ground UP!

From the Ground UP! is a series of investigations in physical science for middle and high school students using a global network of educational telescopes that can be controlled over the Internet. If you teach physics, physical science, astronomy, or Earth science, then From the Ground Up! can add a new dimension literally to your classroom. The project's goals are to:

  • improve the teaching of basic concepts in the study of motion, light and color, thermodynamics, and size and scale;
  • open new opportunities for inquiry-driven student projects;
  • foster informal collaborations between students and research scientists.

A consortium of teachers from across the nation has been actively developing classroom activities using the MicroObservatory online telescopes. Each module includes a series of investigations using the telescopes; related activities including naked-eye observing and table-top experiments; puzzles and challenges; interactive, computer-based simulations and animations that help students visualize difficult concepts; and recommended opportunities for open-ended student projects.

From the Ground UP! investigations are designed to enhance existing curricula and help teachers improve classroom practice by engaging them in discovery-based activities with their students. Investigations will emphasize students' ownership of images and data, practical understanding of core concepts, collaborations with peers nationwide, and publication of results on the Internet.

Although From the Ground UP! investigations are designed to complement rather than replace existing curricula, each module is designed to be pedagogically self-contained. Physical concepts that underlie each investigation are clearly explained, and the concepts are applied in a variety of contexts. Please visit the From the Ground UP! Web site for a more detailed description of this project.

Grade Levels: 612

For more information and an application, please contact: Mary Dussault, mdussault@cfa (add, 617-496-7962


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