Science Education Department (SED)
 Cosmic Questions: Our Place in Space and Time

A National Exhibition and Education Project

Is the universe infinitely large? Was there a time when there was no time? Where did the "stuff" we're made of come from? What happens when two black holes collide? Questions that were once the domain of philosophers, theologians, or armchair theorists are now headline news, as an unprecedented spate of scientific discoveries is changing our view of the universe. The stories of the people making the discoveries from lone theorists, to a remote team of astronomers in Antarctica, to huge groups launching great observatories into space provide truly compelling insights into how science is done.

In order to provide opportunities for the public to get behind the headlines, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory created an innovative 5000 sq. ft. national traveling exhibition. At the heart of this exciting project is the desire to foster an ongoing national conversation among museum audiences, scientists, educators, and students about the meaning and relevancy of the age-old human quest to understand the origin and nature of the universe.

To learn more about the exhibit, go to the Cosmic Questions website.

For more information, please contact: Mary Dussault, mdussault@cfa (add, (617)496-7962


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