Science Education Department (SED)

ARIES (Astronomy Resources for Intercurricular Elementary Science) brings the excitement of hands-on discovery to elementary and middle school students, using astronomy as the central focus to do physical science. Students use innovative, simple, and affordable materials to carry out a wide range of indoor and outdoor discovery-based activities.

Each of the eight self-contained modules encourages students to learn and master a limited number of powerful scientific concepts. The complete set of ARIES modules is available from Charlesbridge Publishing Company.

Dynamic one-day workshops on how to use the ARIES curriculum and materials are available to teachers, principals, and other educators. Workshops are provided through the SEDNet program. Visit the SEDNet Web site to find the location of a workshop near you.

Grade levels: 3-8

Project completed in 2000

For more information, please contact: Bruce Ward, bward@cfa (add, (617)495-5434


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