Data Sources, Credits and Acknowledgments

Data Sources

The astronomical data for this website was compiled from a variety of sources. The scope of variable objects within our focus called for a long and diverse data collection process. We were aided in many cases by members of the CfA.

Public Survey Data

Literature References

Credits and Acknowledgments

The SDU project was conceived by Paul J. Green and Wanda Diaz-Merced. WDM did initial conceptual accessibility development, with the help of Mizzani Walker. Joe Palmo created most of the videos, updating a version of the sonoUno code. Joe also drafted significant text content. Ben Roulston contributed a lot of stellar variability data, already preprocessed and packaged as a result of his extensive research working with the Time-Domain Spectroscopic Survey's (TDSS) stellar sample of variable stars.

Johanna Casado and Gonzalo de la Vega developed the sonoUno code, used for making all videos herein, together with WDM and Beatriz Garcia, and the support of CONICET (Argentina) and REINFORCE (EU-H2020).

Thanks to Dr. Scott Kenyon for the light curve and spectral data for PU Vulpeculae, our symbiotic binary star example.

The SDU Project is supported with funding from National Science Foundation Award #1715763, and Smithsonian Accessibility Innovation Fund.

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