Welcome to the RTDC

The RTDC offers computing resources for members of the Radio and Geoastronomy division and their visitors. We can provide the resources you need for the reduction of radio data.

The RTDC computers are independent of the CF network, and offer an alternative place to work. We can provide disk space, and we have a complete repository of archival SMA science data, along with a full suite of reduction software.


We provide and maintain 7 Linux workstations. You can find a list of our computers here. Disk space is available to users on request and we are working to expand our capacity.


You can find all the common data reduction packages such as IDL, MIRIAD, AIPS, DS9, and CASA on our machines. We also have installed the SMA specific scripts whatishere, SMARechunker and sma2casa.py. Other software can be requested.

The locations and descriptions of all these can be found here.

Where are we?

You are welcome to log on to any of our machines; the names are resolvable from CF machines. Alternatively you can find them in room M-342 of 160 Concord. This room is also available for use by visitors.

SMA data

SMA data is copied every day from Hilo so we have a full copy of the raw data archive. This page describes where to find it.

How to get an account

Ask your R&G contact, supervisor, or Holly Thomas to set one up for you. You will just need to provide your CF username. Short term visitors without a CF account can get access to a guest space.

With an RTDC account you will be provided with a small home space, while space on our large disks will be created on request.

Moving data between CF and the RTDC

SSH and Data Transfer Between RTDC and CF explains how to move yourself and your data between the RTDC and CF machines.

Staying informed

The RTDC has a Google group which CfA members can join. Posts to this group include occasional messages alerting members to re-boots, software updates, and any critical issues that arise. You can also keep up-to-date with routine updates to the RTDC capabilities by following the news-feed on our homepage or Latest News.

RTDC contact

Holly Thomas. Find me in room M-322 of 160 Concord, or email me at holly.thomas@cfa.harvard.edu.