Individual Surveys: Pegasus-West (DHT11)

Dame, Hartmann, & Thaddeus (2001), ApJ, 547, 792


FITS Cubes
301 kB each
Raw:    DHT11_Pegasus-West_raw.fits
Raw Header:    DHT11_Pegasus-West_raw.txt
Interpolated*:    DHT11_Pegasus-West_interp.fits
Moment masked:    DHT11_Pegasus-West_mom.fits

* In each spectrum, <= 2 missing channels are filled by linear interpolation. In each spatial
plane, single missing pixels are filled by linear interpolation, first in l direction, then b.


This is one of about a dozen relatively small surveys carried out to search for molecular clouds predicted by the infrared analysis of DHT2001. In nearly all cases molecular gas was detected.