2020 Solar REU Student Presentations:

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Note: The CfA Solar REU program now uses Zenodo to archive past student presentations. All presentations are archived as PDF files, and movies, Powerpoint, and Keynote files can be found at the "Zenodo archive" link.

For 2020, we have also uploaded a Zoom recording of all the final presentations to YouTube.

Stephanie Colón: "Examining Ion-Scale Wave Properties in the Inner Heliosphere Observed by Parker Solar Probe"
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Fiona Conneely: "Characterization of UV Bursts Using Line-ratio Electron Density Diagnostics"
Abstract Zenodo archive YouTube

Mary Eby: "Interactions Between Coronal Mass Ejections"
Abstract Zenodo archive YouTube

Rebecca FitzGerald: "Determining the Gain Variation of CMOS Detectors"
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Sydney Hamann: "Coronal Heating Consequences from Alfvén Wave Turbulence in Solar Coronal Loops"
Abstract Zenodo archive YouTube

Joshua Ingram: "Bounded Power-law Characterizations of Solar Flares"
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Sukhmanpreet Singh: "Development of a Telescope Design System Using STOP Analysis"
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Caption: Two full disk images taken by the X-Ray Telescope aboard Hinode are taken one solar rotation apart. In the center of the left hand image are NOAA active regions 10931 and 10932. A rotation later the active regions have disappeared, but their effect is still noticeable in the long quiet sun loops. Yohkoh experts can comment on whether this was commonly seen by SXT. This type of evolution was seen in Skylab, though not this clearly (1982; ApJ 259, 359-365).


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