1st photo  Perkins building, 60 Garden St.

A current vacancy listing for employment opportunities in scientific, technical, and administrative positions, including both Federal and Trust appointments, is maintained by SAO's Human Resources Department. (Please note that the SAO department is separate from HCO.)

2nd photo  SMA

SAO's Visiting Scientist and Visiting Student Program is designed to facilitate the scholarly exchange of scientifc information in the areas of atomic and molecular physics; infrared, optical, radio, and X-ray astronomy; geophysics; solar, stellar, and planetary sciences; and theoretical astrophysics. This program annually attracts many international and national visitors who come for a well-defined scientific purpose, including collaboration with specific individuals, study of unique data, or use of specialized facilities.

3rd photo - Working at CfA

Several postdoctoral research fellowships, generally beginning in the summer or autumn of each year, are offered at the CfA, where nearly 350 Smithsonian and Harvard scientists work cooperatively in an environment that welcomes the ideas and contributions of young scientists. Research programs include instrumentation, observation, and theory in atomic and molecular physics, geophysics, the solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology. Techniques used range from computer simulations through observations across the bandwidths, to instrument development and laboratory experiments.

4th photo - CfA 60 Garden St Cambridge MA

Graduate students at Harvard benefit from the CfA's diverse research environment, with access to extensive facilities to pursue their work in a supportive and stimulating setting. Nearly 300 scientists from CfA's research divisions are available as advisors. Since 1985, students from other institutions throughout the world--in addition to those associated with the Harvard University Departments of Astronomy and Physics--have done their thesis research at CfA, through the SAO Predoctoral Fellowship Program.

5th photo -  Harvard Undergraduate students at work

Harvard's Department of Astronomy offers undergraduates choice among various levels of concentration in astronomy or astronomy and physics. In addition, numerous opportunities to participate in research projects with CfA scientists are available-- both for Harvard students and those from other institutions--as paid work, part of a degree program, or summer internships.

6th photo -  Harvard Undergraduate students at work

The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) does not currently have a formal program for high school students. There are formal youth programs located at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Find more information here.