f/5 Science Camera
Filter Transmission curves

Detector: 2048 x 2048 pix, e2v back-illuminated CCD 42-40
Pixel scale: 0.08 arcsec/pix unbinned
Field-of-view: 2.7 x 2.7 arcmin
Dark current: 0.55 e-/s/pix at -20 C
Electronics gain: 1.26 e-/DN
Read-noise: 9.5 e-
Saturation: 65,536 counts, or 82,500 e-
Linearity: XXXX
Binning: Default binning is 2x2, unless requested otherwise.
Pre-flash: Pre-flash is required to minimize image persistence. Can be disabled for a rapid time-series.
Overhead: 14 sec binned 2x2 with pre-flash; 7 sec without pre-flash.
Cooling: Thermal electric cooler stabilizes at -20 C in 30 min.
Filters: u (data), g (data), r (data), i (data), There is no z-band. IR LEDs on the Hecto robots produce an overwhelming z-band background.
Shutter correction: Shutter correction is required for short <10 sec exposures.

More information:
  • Shutter Correction
  • Commissioning Report.