SWIRC Photo Gallery
SWIRC Photos
Lab Pictures
  • Insides of the SWIRC dewar
  • Shimming the liquid nitrogen can and radiation shield
  • Detector assembly on the cold plate
  • The heat switch
  • Chip carrier during testing
  • Cool-down test measuring the deflection of the detector mount
  • Circuit board wiring
  • Cryogenic filter wheel
  • Filter control box wiring
  • Filter motor driver settings
  • Optics bonded into the lens bezels
  • SWIRC's very first read-out of the HAWAII-2 engineering array
  • SWIRC Commissioning, June 2004
  • Unloading the instrument.
  • Assembling the instrument.
  • Mounting the instrument.
  • Warren Brown, PI, with SWIRC on the MMT.
  • It works!! First light: a very saturated 4th mag star.
  • M3 in H-band. The stack is 7 x 7 arcmin.
  • NGC3147 in H.
  • NGC6720 in J.
  • Galaxy cluster A2390 in H.
  • The SWIRC commissioning team (left-to-right): Brian McLeod, Maureen Conroy, Mike Pahre, Warren Brown, Emily Bowsher, and Bill Wyatt.