• NIRMOS Technical Description

  • Exposure Time Calculator

  • PI: Daniel Fabricant
    Deputy PI: Brian McLeod
    Project Scientist: Warren Brown
    Project Engineer: Robert Fata

    We are proposing to build the Near Infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph (NIRMOS) for the 21.5m Giant Magellan Telescope. NIRMOS will provide R=3000 spectroscopy for a 0.5" slit in the J, H, and K passbands (0.9-2.5 um). The field of view for spectroscopy (using slit masks) is 5x7 arcminute; the field of view for imaging is 7x7 arcmin. NIRMOS will work with ground layer adaptive optics and will have 3 times the JH sensitivity and 4 times the field of view of JWST's NIRSPEC instrument.

    Note that MANIFEST may provide an integral field unit capability for NIRMOS, however only one of the modes will likely be built.