Getting xfitfibs

You need only one file to run xfitfibs; simply shift-click on the "xfitfibs" link below to download it.

This program only works on 64bit Linux systems. Users have had success running xfitfibs on Macs, by using the commercial product Parallels and installing Ubuntu on that.

Linux 64 bit: xfitfibs Apr 16 2021 12:19 size: 5.5M

After you download the program, rename the file to xfitfibs and make it executable:

	mv xfitfibs_Linux_x86_64 xfitfibs
	chmod +x xfitfibs

xfitfibs program unpacks a small directory (~/.xfitfibs) with the xfitfibs binary and the calibration files into your home directory, the first time it is run.

If you are reinstalling xfitfibs, be sure to remove ~/.xfitfibs before running it.