Greenland Telescope

Qaanaaq Children and Teachers Visit Thule
and the Greenland Telescope Project

Nimesh Patel and Tim Norton host visitors from Qaanaaq, one of the worlds most northern towns
located 100 km north of our site.

The visitors and sponsors:

The Qaanaaq teachers:

  • Tukummeq Qaerngaaq
  • Rasmine J. Normann
The students:
  • Jess-Egon Nielsen
  • Zella Gundel
  • Josef Petersen
  • Paninnguaq Petersen
  • Aqattaq Hendriksen
Sponsor Program Site Manager for Vectrus: Scott Lang

Joint Arctic Command liaison team: Jens Alsing, Oberstløjtnant
Chef for Stations- og Forbindelseselement Vest Grønland, Arktisk Kommando

Dr Patel Dr. Patel and the students Tim Norton Students with Tim Norton
Internship Group Photo at the telescope Internship Dr. Patel explaining black hole research
Internship Dr. Patel and Dr. Matsushita
showing the telescope
control room
Internship Control Room demo
Internship Viewing the telescope Internship Dr. Patel and students
Internship Group at telescope platform Internship Group outside Base Headquarter
Internship Learning the ropes! Internship Learning about explorer
Peter Freuchen and early settlements
Internship Base commanders & students
with Mt. Dundas in the background
Internship Students
Internship Greenland Telescope with
Timothy Norton, Project Manager,
learning about Black Holes
Internship Warmer setting!
Bowling with OL Jens Alsing