Research Associate Appointments and Reappointments


The Director's Office has streamlined the process of nominating individuals for appointment or re-appointment as a Research Associate.

The components of the nomination package will contain:

A memo from the Associate Director to the Director on SAO letterhead ( requesting that the nominee be appointed as a Research Associate and including:

  • The requested timeframe of the appointment,
  • How such an appointment will be of benefit to the CfA,
  • A synopsis of the proposed research,
  • A line on the memo where the Director can approve the nomination

A copy of the nominee's cv.

  • A sample of the nomination may be found here.

If the appointment or re-appointment is approved by the Director, the Director's Office will:

  • Be responsible for obtaining from the nominee signed copies of the two additional forms required by SI for Research Associate appointments (Equal Opportunity: Rights and Responsibilities; and Research Associate Intellectual Property Agreement) Form can be found here.
  • Enter the nomination data and upload the required supporting documents into the SI Office of Fellowships and Internships database (SOLAA).

Once the appointment is approved by SI, The SI Office of Fellowships and Internships (OFI) will email the nominee and the sponsor of the appointment with the appointment letter containing the parameters of the appointment.

The Director's Office will forward the email to the Division Administrator requesting that the appropriate updates be made in the staff database (sdf).


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