DO: Institutional Endorsement Letters

Procedure for Requesting Institutional Letters of Endorsement from the Director's Office

Send an e-mail to Charles Alcock, Director, with a copy to Susan Hessenthaler requesting the letter two weeks before the application deadline for the fellowship (click here to send an email to both). Please include the Fellowship and applicant name in the subject line of the e-mail, e.g. "Hubble Endorsement Letter for J. Smith."

Your email should also include:

  1. The text of the endorsement letter. The exact text of the letter you provide will be cut and pasted onto CfA letterhead and converted into a PDF document. The text can either be included in your e-mail or attached in *.doc or *.docx format. Please PROOFREAD the document carefully before sending.

  2. Instructions on who should receive the completed letter in PDF format and anyone who should be copied, including yourself. All email addresses must be included in the text of the email. Due to the high volume of letters requested, the Director's Office WILL NOT upload letters on behalf of the applicant. This includes Hubble fellowship letters. Once the letter has been generated, it will be sent back to the applicant/adviser for upload. Any links sent to the Director for this purpose will be forwarded to the applicant/adviser.
  3. Separate emails for each fellowship if more than one letter is needed. If you include more than one letter per email it may be overlooked when these are sorted by fellowship name.

Your letter will be emailed to you after the DO submission deadline below has passed for that fellowship. All Endorsement Letters will be returned by email in PDF format on CfA* letterhead.

* For the HUBBLE AND EINSTEIN fellowships, include whether the letter should be on Harvard College Observatory or Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory letterhead. One must be specified, based on the adviserís affiliation.

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