DO: Prize Nomination Committee

Current Members and Term:

Andrea Dupree SSP Through June 2021
Dan Fabricant OIR Through June 2021
Bill Forman HEA Through June 2021
Mike McCarthy AMP Through June 2021
David Wilner RG Through June 2021
Charles Alcock DO (ex officio)
Nancy Brickhouse DO (ex officio)
Howard Smith OIR (ex officio)


Six members, one from each scientific division. Members will serve for two years. The chair will serve for one year and will normally be chosen for that position at the completion of her or his first year on the committee. The committee will develop its own rules and procedures within the above guidelines. These rules and procedures will be written so as to try to insure "corporate memory."


The committee's goal is to submit successful nominations for national and international prizes and awards on behalf of CfA scientists. Committee members will complete a limited number of nominations each year, concentrating their efforts where they expect the greatest chance of success. The committee members will use their connections in the astronomical community to seek effective letters of support and to determine which nominations are most likely to succeed.

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