DO: Professional Accomplishments Evaluation Committee (PAEC)

Current Members and Term:

Kelly Chance AMP Through June 2023
Dave Latham SSP Through June 2023
Kathy Reeves HEA Through June 2022
Mark Reid, Chair RG Through June 2022
Aneta Siemiginowska HEA Through June 2024
Steve Wilner OIR Through June 2022
Laura Conway HR (ex officio)


Each Associate Director will nominate a senior scientist from his/her division for membership on the Committee. Each Associate Director may also nominate another senior scientist to serve as an alternate, if the primary designee is unable to attend meetings. Each Associate Director may nominate himself or herself for either membership or service as an alternate. The Associate Directors will send names of nominees to the Director for approval, with an information copy to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources serves on the committee ex officio as a permanent, non-voting member to provide advice on personnel-related concerns and processes. Aside from the ex officio member, committee appointments will be for five-year terms, renewable at the Associate Directors' and Director's discretion and with the appointee's concurrence. The Chair is chosen by the Committee with the Director's approval and will serve for a two-year renewable term, as described above.


To provide a collegial forum for discussion and assessment of individual scholarly accomplishments and for the systematic collection and transmittal of such information to the Director.


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