DO: Fellowship Selection Committee

Current Members and Term

Wyston Benbow OIR Through June 2021
Xingang Chen AST Through June 2021
Garrett Keating RG Through June 2022
Hossein Sadeghpour AMP Through June 2021
Jennifer Yee SSP Through June 2022


Each scientific division is represented by one member. Members are usually appointed in June by the Director -- in consultation with the Associate Directors -- for two academic years, with reappointment allowed and with expiration terms staggered appropriately. The Chairperson is appointed by the Director from those who have already served one year and serves during the second year of his or her term.


To review, evaluate, and rank applications for the postdoctoral fellowships (CfA, Clay, and Menzel). Recommendations are made to the Director for awards each year, and committee members assist in encouraging chosen applicants to accept fellowship offers.


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