Cygnus-X Data

Last updated: Thursday, 19-Jul-2012 11:39:00 EDT

Delivery 1 of the Cygnus-X data is now publicly available at IRSA:

The Data Delivery Description document gives the details of the data reduction methods and describes the properties of the data release.

IRSA is serving the Cygnus-X Enhanced Products data from the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) public data staging location.

  • The Cygnus-X IRAC and MIPS catalogs are available using IRSA's General Catalog Search Engine, Gator.
  • Available here using a spatial search are IRAC and MIPS image mosaics. IRAC mosaics are available at both 2.4" pixel scale and at 0.86" pixel scale. MIPS mosaics are available at 2.4" pixel scale and at 1.2" pixel scale. In addition to the full mosaics, image tiles are available for the user's convenience, as are tiles of the photometry mosaics from which the catalog photometry was derived. Please see the documentation and tile diagram for details.
  • Also available are Cygnus-X image "cutouts" using IRSA's Cutouts Service, which is a general tool to create single or multiple small FITS (and JPEGs) image cutouts of datasets archived at IRSA.

The above image shows the IRAC (3.6 and 8.0um) and MIPS (24um) Cygnus-X images.


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